St Leger's earliest ram breeding production goals targeted

  • Fertility  ewes tw only etc
  • Mothering  - scoring mothers when tagging lambs, culling any inattentive ewes
  • Wean weights 
  • Growth rates
  • Wool hogget fleece weights
  • Side sampling incoming sires

Rams available in 2020

  • Romney
  • Romdale
  • Romworth

While attention to these key goals remain, innovative and now commercially available technology has been integrated into flock management. This allows more progress in breeding a truly dual purpose sheep.

  • Shepherd Complete- A complete package from Zoetis of DNA testing for the objective of efficient genetic gain. Includes parentage on all lambs, 5k on 20% of ram hogget’s and 50k testing on all new sires.
  • EID- All lambs are EID tagged at docking
  • Ani-Mate- Computer generated mating lists from Abacus Bio which allow us to maximise genetic gain while minimising inbreeding.
  • Parasites- There is a nil drenching policy in mature stock with ewes getting their last drench pre lamb as a hogget.
  • FE- We have been Ramguard testing at .6 since 2018