DNA Parentage

Historically, tagging at birth (our well honed practice to identify a lambs pedigree) was just not possible on all classes of farm gradient and was limiting the size of the recorded ewe flock.

In 2004 we began using Pfizer Animal Genetics DNA Parentage product Shepherd to identify lambs. While benefitting from greater utilisation of the property and enabling us to get more ewes to the ram, using DNA parentage also allows management of a fully recorded flock in commercial farming conditions.  With no more single sire mating, multiple sire mating and lambing can now occur on all our hill country.

At St Leger there is no stud ewe flock in preferential paddocks.

Due to the pressure the ewes are farmed under on St Leger, a number of St Leger clients routinely exceed our lambing percentages after using St Leger rams. 

The various methods of identifying lambs can be debated, however at St Leger we achieved excellent accuracies when tagging at birth and have continued to acheive that using Shepherd.