Carcasse Scanning – Meat Yield

While now using CT Scan technology, St Leger began selecting on carcase data in the mid 90’s.

Post-mortem carcase measurements were made available by Craig Hickson during meat processing and collated by George Cruickshank in the GeneQuest programme and used in selecting sire rams.

 Now the top 55 ram hoggets on the DPO index of combined breeding values (after 100 and 200 day weights and eye muscle scan data has been run on SIL) are CT scanned using the Inner ValueTM  programme from InnerVision. It is the “Gold Standard” for meat yield measurement in live animals. When first using the programme the rams had to travel to Invermay near Dunedin to be scanned. This is now performed at Massey University.

 The Inner Value CT scan programme measures the weight of meat and fat in the three major carcase cuts, namely the hindleg, loin and forequarter. It is as accurate as killing the animal. VIAscan, used in some processing plants to measure meat yield and grade, also measures the yield in these three carcase cuts  and rewards farmers for high yielding carcases. 

It is a huge commitment and cost to scan a significant number of rams to make optimal use of this technology in sufficient scale and make maximum progress in our selection process.

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